Venvstas Designer 8 Clutch Pencil Review

15 November 2017 By ian

My first experience with Venvstas was not entirely positive but since then I think they’ve worked hard to sort out initial difficulties and introduce new products, many of which look very interesting. Venvstas designed a pencil before they designed a pen, so how does this one work out?

This pencil was sent to me for review by Venvstas. In line with my policy of not keeping review units, I’ll be giving it away. Read down to the end of the review for details!

Price: €75
Lead size: 2mm
Barrel options: Carbon fibre, glossy or matte finish
Eraser: No

The pencil certainly looks ‘designer’. The carbon fibre body is polished both in looks and manufacturing. The mechanism is made from stainless steel and brass and is revealed through various cutouts. It’s just enough to give the pencil a utilitarian yet luxurious look.

It’s a good weight: light but not flyaway. The barrel provides a small amount of grip. It’s fairly long but slightly weighted towards the tip making it comfortable to hold and use.

The 2mm lead is held securely and easily extended or retracted by depressing the carbon plug at the opposite end. This part is removed to replace the lead.

The Designer 8 is a lovely looking pencil that’s also functional. Given the quality of manufacture, the distinctive design and the materials it’s one I can recommend if you’re looking for something a little different with a lot of class.


Distinctive design
Well made
Comfortable to hold and use



## Giveaway

To have a chance of owning this pencil, just leave a comment on below, thanking someone you know. (A real person who you actually do know!) You can enter only once. I’ll use to pick a winner. Entries will be closed from 9am GMT on Wednesday 22nd November.