Forest Choice No 2 review

Forest Choice #2 Pencil Review

25 June 2015 By ian

Forest Choice No 2 review

The Forest Choice is a wooden pencil available in #2 (HB) grade. It comes with an eraser and is available in boxes of 12 for about $3.

The pencil is made from incense cedar and lays claim to being the first FSC-certified pencil. The barrel is lacquered and is simply branded. There’s no barcode but there is a URL where the barcode would usually be. Personally I find the juxtaposition of a website address on a traditional-looking pencil a bit jarring but that’s perhaps just me. I also prefer my wooden pencils to be unpainted.

Forest Choice No 2 website

The lead is quite smooth and holds its point well.

Forest Choice No 2 pointy bit

This pencil sharpens nicely. The lead gets to a nice point without breaking with a clean finish to the barrel. The barrel is comfortable to hold.

Forest Choice No 2 sharpening

The eraser is pretty good and removes the pencil without smearing.

Forest Choice No 2 eraser

The Forest Choice is a cheap pencil that writes very well and has a nice simple finish. It’s not quite to my taste but if you like the almost-but-not-quite natural finish then this is an excellent pencil and extremely good value.

Forest Choice No 2 handwritten review