Nock Co Fodderstack XL Cover Review

6 December 2017 By ian

Nock Co make a very interesting range of cases in designs that can’t be found elsewhere. The Fodderstack XL is a good example of this. It’s 6” by 3.5” (15cm by 9cm in 21st century units) and holds one or two pens along with a notebook.

The colour options vary from time to time. The exterior is made from waterproofed nylon (a bit like rucksack material) and the interior is a nylon cloth. It’s hardwearing and fairly easy to clean if need be.

One or two pocket notebooks fit inside perfectly. The pen slot holds a couple of pens. Notebook covers have enough friction to stay put but as there’s no flap to the pen slot pens can easily slide out, particularly if they’ve got some weight to them. Some pens sit too high in the slot if you clip them in but most are fine.

In use, it’s not often an issue with pens sliding out if you keep to reasonably weighted pens. With machined brass pens without clips I was always firing them out of the slot when I picked the case up.

I enjoyed using this case and then I discovered that my phone of the time, a Nexus 6P, was a perfect fit. Plus sized iPhones also fit well. This meant I could have my phone, a pen and a notebook in one handy cover, which was pretty much perfect. It all sat in my jeans front pocket.

The Fodderstack XL is a lovely compact way of carrying and protecting some of the essentials in life. It looks great and is well made. It’s going to keep going for a very long time.