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Cleo Skribent Classic Fountain Pen Review

22 November 2017 By ian

Cleo Skribent is a German company, formed shortly after the Second World War. Despite having being around for a while, they’ve only recently begun to catch people’s imagination in the fountain pen world. This pen was lent to me by Write Here for me to review. These are my own opinions. The pen will be […]

Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen Review

25 October 2017 By ian

The Parker Vacumatic is one of the most distinctive and sought after vintage pens. It was produced between … and …. and stands out because of its translucent stripes. These look like a New York skyline at night and, as well as being pretty, give Vacumatics a romantic and nostalgic aura. I picked mine up […]

Pelikan M205 Aquamarine Fountain Pen Review

12 June 2017 By ian

Did I need a another Pelikan M200? Apparently I did, because as soon as I saw this special edition aquamarine version I bought it. I also stumped up the extra for a gold nib because Pure Pens were doing the upgrade for a fantastic price. (The total price of the pen was not much more […]

Faber-Castell 663 Fountain Pen

23 January 2017 By ian

In 1919 a gentleman called Hermann Böhler left Kaweco to form a company named Osmia. Faber-Castell began to acquire Osmia in 1935, finally buying the company outright in 1951. During this time, and into the early 60s, Faber-Castell continued to use the Osmia name and logo. The 663, however, was produced in the 60s using […]

Pilot Vanishing Point (Capless) Fountain Pen Review

9 January 2017 By ian

The Pilot Vanishing Point, known as the Capless in the UK but nowhere else, is a retractable fountain pen. There are very few other retractable fountain pens. Visconti make the Pininfarina Carbongrafite for the rather staggering price of just under £1400 and Lamy make the Dialog 3 for £250, although it’s occasionally available at WH […]