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Platinum PTL-5000 Fountain Pen Review

11 January 2016 By ian

Gold nibs are hard to find for less than £50 and usually cost an awful lot more, so a whole pen for less than that, featuring a gold nib, is going to be either something rather special or a golden turkey. Thank you to Cult Pens for sending me this pen to review. These are […]

Bespoke British Pens Conway-Stewart Winston Fountain Pen Review

19 October 2015 By ian

When Conway Stewart went bust back in August last year their stock was bought up by various companies, including one called British Bespoke Pens, who bought some parts and but also some unfinished pens. This is one of those pens. It’s therefore, inevitably, limited edition (although I have no idea how limited). Thank you to […]

Platinum President Fountain Pen Review

25 May 2015 By ian

The Platinum President is a cartridge/converter fountain pen available with nibs from extra fine to broad. The one I’m reviewing has a medium nib. It costs about $220 in the USA or £140 in the UK. It’s available with different barrel colour and trim options for more of your money. The President is quite a […]

Platinum #3776 Sai fountain pen review

3 March 2014 By ian

The Platinum #3776 Sai is by far the most expensive pen I own (even though I got it on special offer from Cult Pens). It is also, without doubt, the most beautiful. I have other demonstrators and some look lovely but they don’t sparkle like the Platinum #3776 Sai sparkles. This series is named after […]