Summer Update

13 June 2021 By ian

I’ve been quite busy over the last few weeks, which is my excuse for not writing here for a while. I took part in an online-only group for Dorset Art Weeks and managed the Artwey Instagram account for the duration. Artwey had a very successful in-person exhibition but I didn’t sell anything online. I think Dorset Art Weeks are all about going to visit galleries and artists in person and it just doesn’t translate well online. Art in general is hard to sell online – at least, it is for me! Buying a picture is not only a significant financial investment, it also requires you to hand over a part of your home, an area of your wall, to the picture – and you only have so much space. It is quite a leap of faith to make that investment simply from a picture on a website.

I’m hoping, therefore, to be involved in a few more exhibitions now that restrictions are beginning to lift. Sales are beginning to pick up again here in Weymouth as tourists start coming back. I have a picture going up to London for the annual open SGFA exhibition at the Mall Galleries and I’m hoping to be involved with a local exhibition for Art4Action.

On the actual drawing side of things, I recently completed two portraits for a local charity. I hope to be able to share at least one of them here soon but I’m not able to just yet. I’m working on a commission at the moment. In the shop I have some new cards and prints including this one of Old Harry Rocks.