Graphite pencil drawing called Short Ride in a Fast Machine

Short Ride in a Fast Machine

8 May 2021 By ian

This picture is the largest I’ve drawn – A2 in size. Faces just don’t work it they’re drawn too small, at least, not as well (for me). Drawing in this size causes a few issues because I’m short of space. A3 pads and finished pictures fit onto the shelves I have but A2 doesn’t. This drawing had to go straight into a frame for safe keeping, which is an expense storage solution. Still, there are worse problems to have.

It’s the third drawing in my ‘What Now’ series. I will work out the names of them all properly when I’ve finished. For now, I’m calling this one, depending when you ask me, either Now! or Short Ride in a Fast Machine (after the John Adams piece) or sometimes even Now! A Short Ride in a Fast Machine. Titles are hard.