Story Supply Co Pocket Staple Notebook Review

20 July 2016 By ian

Story Supply Co notebook review

Story Supply is an American company with a wonderful ethic. In their own words, they partner “with organizations who provide free tutoring, writing, and arts instruction to kids in under-served communities” by setting aside a Supply Kit with every purchase:

Story Supply Kits will include notebooks and writing tools or other items that will directly support the creative learning endeavors of those students. Essentially, simple, useful tools for the creation of stories.

This is a fantastic cause. The notebooks themselves are pretty good too.

I received this item as payment for a site sponsorship. These are my own honest opinions.

Size: 3.5″ x 5.5″ (9cm x 14cm) (A6)
Price: $10 for three (US); £9 for three (UK)
Pages: 48
Cover: stiff card (100lb)
Paper: 70lb smooth white
Ruling: graph, lined or blank
Binding: three copper staples

As is my wont, my review of this notebook consisted of me using it until I got to the end. It spent a few weeks in my pocket, inside a cover, and it held up well despite being sat on by my not inconsiderable bulk very many times. There were only the smallest signs of fraying at the edges – in fact the thick card cover was in almost as good a condition at the end as at the start.

Story Supply Co notebook spine and pages

As you can see from the ink tests, the paper holds up well with fountain pens. Wetter pens did feather a little but not badly enough to put you off using them. It’s not quite as good as Calepino paper but much better than Field Notes.

Story Supply Co notebook ink test front and back cover

One of the things I used this notebook for was to help me memorise the kings and queens of England. (I have literally had far too much time on my hands.) In my enthusiasm, I wrote all over the reverse side of the ink test page. You can see, though, that fountain pen ink tended to show through a little but only the very wettest nibs caused any bleeding. Non-fountain pens were perfectly fine.

Story Supply Co notebook ink test back

The paper is quite thick, smooth but not glossy, and is a slightly muted white. It’s great for quick little sketches.

Story Supply Co notebook staples

If Story Supply Co. simply made these notebooks without also distributing their Story Supply Kits I think I would still be recommending their notebooks. They’re put together very well, are a reasonable price and have good paper. When you include the fact that you are also helping disadvantaged young people whenever you buy some, I think these are beginning to nudge into top stop for my favourite notebook.

Story Supply Co notebook inside cover


Great paper for sketching and writing
Robust construction
Supporting a good cause


Slight issues with very wet fountain pen ink