Darkstar Notebook Review

Darkstar is a UK company that aims to make simple notebooks with good quality paper. This particular notebook is a special version exclusive to Nero’s Notes, who were kind enough to send me a sample to review. These are my own opinions, based on using the notebook daily for a[…]

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Papio Press Pocket Notebook Review

Papio Press are a UK-based company that makes a range of products including calendars, postcards, notepads, jewellery, prints and notebooks. This notebook was kindly sent to me by Nero’s Notes so I could review it. These are my own opinions. My original review stated that these notebooks were larger than[…]

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Manuscript Notebook Review

Manuscript are an American notebook company. They sent me a set of their notebooks to review. These are my honest opinions based on using one of each size for several weeks. Pocket notebooks Size: 5.5″ x 3.5″ Price: $11 for three Pages: 64 Cover: textured cardboard Paper: off-white Ruling: blank[…]

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Back Pocket Notebook featured

Back Pocket SpaceX Notebook Review

It seems these days that a new notebook’s been released before you can finish half of the one you last started, so it takes something special for one to stand out. The Back Pocket SpaceX notebooks certainly look striking but do they hold up in use? Size: 14cm by 9cm[…]

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Hobonichi Techo featured

Hobonichi Techo (2016 Edition) Review

A lot has been written about the Hobonichi Techo. It has almost cult status. Here are some more words about it, based on how I’ve used mine for eight months. Of course one of the difficulties of reviewing planners when you try not to review anything without using it for[…]

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