Stabilo Worker Rollerball Review

13 July 2016 By ian

Stabilo Worker capped

Rollerball ink isn’t the most practical, tending not to be waterproof and prone to feathering. However I find them very enjoyable to write with and if I’m not using a fountain pen it’s more than likely it will be a rollerball of some kind that I pick up instead.

I received this item as part payment for a site sponsorship. These are my own honest opinions.

Price: £2.40 (UK) $3.60 (USA)
Tip size options: 0.5mm only
Barrel options: soft rubberised plastic, colour matches ink
Ink type: liquid ink (red, black, blue or green)
Size: 1.2cm diameter, 14.3cm long
Weight: 14g

The Stabilo Worker has been around a while but this is a newer version named, but incorrectly spelled, the “Colorful”. Whereas the classic Worker sports an orange barrel, whatever the colour of the ink (with the colour picked out by the accents on the pen), this version has a barrel that matches the ink: either red, black, green or, in this case, blue.

Stabilo Worker unposted

The barrel is a softish non-slip plastic that’s comfortable to hold. There’s a gentle contour at the business end, adding to the comfort of the pen being held by your fingers. It’s a light pen and a good length. There’s a small bump halfway down the barrel that will try to stop the pen rolling away and will sometimes be successful if the pen is rolling incredibly slowly on a perfectly flat surface.

Stabilo Worker posted

The cap pushes on to close, with a reassuring little click, and pushes on to post, without the click but nevertheless securely. The wide clip is strong and clippy.

Stabilo Worker cap and clip

The tip writes a 0.5mm line with a good flow that doesn’t skip or gloop. It’s moves smoothly across the paper. The ink is a fairly pleasant shade of blue.

Stabilo Worker tip

This is a lovely pen. It’s comfortable in the hand and puts down a good line.


Comfortable in the hand
Good consistent flow and line


Limited range of colours

Stabilo Worker handwritten review