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20 March 2014 By ian

Sharpening Rhodia pencil

Those of you who have spent more than a minute looking at this site will know I rather like Rhodia notebooks. They are the notebooks by which I judge all others. If any of you have spent more than two minutes looking at this site you will also know I rather like things that are orange. So how could I not like this bright orange Rhodia pencil? Read on to find out!

Rhodia pencil eraser

The first mark against this pencil is a purely subjective one. It’s triangular and in my big fat fingers that is jolly uncomfortable. Even writing just the handwritten part of this review was awkward. People with more human sized hands may not have this problem.

Rhodia pencil

The printing on the side is a little scruffy and on one of the two that I have is smeared. The lead itself, though, is fine. It only comes in this one hardness and I say this is about a ‘B’.

Rhodia pencil logo

The eraser doesn’t erase the pencil. I know this is a common complaint with all kinds of pencils but this one is particularly shocking. It seems to take away the paper underneath whilst leaving most of the actual pencil mark behind. This could be a miracle of technology but it doesn’t suit a pencil.

Rhodia pencil eraser not erasing

This is a pencil with a terrible eraser, lazy branding and an uncomfortable grip. The Rhodia pencil is a premium priced pencil but it is not a premium pencil.

Rhodia pencil handwritten review