Tombow Mono 100 pencil review

Tombow Mono 100

I haven’t explored the world of pencils in quite the way that I am exploring the world of pens because, basically, I found these pencils and stopped looking. I used to think that one pencil was pretty much the same as any other but I was wrong. Or rather, as I am never actually wrong, I was correct but in an erroneous manner.

Anyway, Tombow Mono 100 pencils are just so smooth to draw with. Drawing with anything else now feels like scratching a shard of glass across a blackboard. I’m utterly spoiled, now. They make me want to pick them up and they make me want to draw something that is worthy of them. I’m still working on that last part but what fun I’m having trying with these pencils.


    1. Yes it is. Can be a little tricky to get fine detail but wonderful for sketching and holds watercolour well too.

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