Pilot Petit 1 capped

Pilot Petit 1 Fountain Pen Review

4 April 2016 By ian

Pilot Petit 1 review

The Pilot Petit 1 is a tiny little fountain pen that come in a variety of bright colours. There’s a Petit 2, which is a fibre-tipped pen, and a Petit 3, a brush pen.

Price: $3.80
Nib options: fine
Barrel options: plastic in black, green, blue-black, pink, orange, blue, light blue, red
Filling system: proprietary cartridge
Size: 10.8cm capped, 13.2cm posted, 9.4cm uncapped
Weight: 11g

The translucent barrel looks pretty and Pilot have mercifully avoided the temptation so many companies seem to have to plaster a cheap pen with writing.

Pilot Petit 1 capped

The plastic clip isn’t going to take much abuse. The cap pushes on to post and close. This is how a pocket pen should be. The cap closes securely enough that it’s not going to come off unless you want it to (although, yes, it’s not as safe as a screw-on cap) and you don’t have the hassle of having to unscrew and/or screw on the cap when all you want to do is take a quick note.

Pilot Petit 1 posted

You will definitely want to post the Petit because it’s very small in any language. Even posted, it’s a short pen that won’t lend itself to particularly long writing sessions. That’s not its purpose though and the softer-plastic grip and reasonable diameter makes it comfortable enough for note taking.

Pilot Petit 1 feed

The steel nib is great. It’s fairly smooth: not the smoothest nib ever but at this price point it’s pretty amazing, really. Ink flow is good.

Pilot Petit 1 uncapped and nib

The Pilot Petit is available in eight different colours and it comes with ink to match. The cartridges are specific to the pen. They’re reasonably priced and could be syringe-filled if you were so inclined. I’ve tried the orange and green inks and they’re nice colours but a little washed out.

Pilot Petit 1 with pretty flowers

This is an amazing little pen. It’s great for the pocket, it writes well and it looks pretty. It’s a shame it isn’t available in the UK.


Decent nib
Good size for the pocket
Looks pretty
Fantastic value


Fragile clip
Ink colour could be stronger
Not available in the UK

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