Pilot Vanishing Point (Capless) Fountain Pen Review

The Pilot Vanishing Point, known as the Capless in the UK but nowhere else, is a retractable fountain pen. There are very few other retractable fountain pens. Visconti make the Pininfarina Carbongrafite for the rather staggering price of just under £1400 and Lamy make the Dialog 3 for £250, although[…]

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Pilot DR Drawing Pen Review

The Pilot DR was one of the first drawing pens I bought because it’s easily available in UK high street shops, together with with Faber-Castell Pitt. I didn’t get along with it very well finding it a little scratchy and dry. However a little while ago I thought I’d get[…]

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Pilot Frixion Colour Pen review

When I was at school, many many moons ago, I remember how an erasable pen felt like some kind of holy grail. We had to write in pen, we made many many mistakes, and we wanted to obliterate all those mistakes so our teachers would never see. All we got,[…]

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Pilot Custom 74 nib

Pilot Custom 74 Fountain Pen Review

The Pilot Custom 74 a clear-barrelled fountain pen with a rhodium-plated 14k gold nib. Price: $160 (USA) £190 (UK) Nib options: fine, medium, broad Barrel options: smoke, clear, blue, orange Filling system: proprietary cartridge/converter Size: 14.3cm closed, 15.5cm posted Weight: 22g My version is a currently, it seems, hard to[…]

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Pilot Petit 1 capped

Pilot Petit 1 Fountain Pen Review

The Pilot Petit 1 is a tiny little fountain pen that come in a variety of bright colours. There’s a Petit 2, which is a fibre-tipped pen, and a Petit 3, a brush pen. Price: $3.80 Nib options: fine Barrel options: plastic in black, green, blue-black, pink, orange, blue, light[…]

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