Pilot Juice gel ink pen clip

Pilot Juice gel ink pen review

23 June 2014 By ian

Pilot Juice gel ink pen black and grey review

The Pilot Juice is a gel ink pen that is available in three different tip sizes (0.38, 0.5 and 0.7mm) and a large range of colours. (Thirty-six colours in the 0.5mm size, fewer in the other sizes.)

Pilot Juice gel ink pen knock

The grip is comfortable and slightly squishy. The barrel is clear plastic and a good sensible size.

Pilot Juice gel ink pen full

The ink is waterproof and fade-resistant. It writes in a very consistent and sharp line. It’s a good quality writer just as you would expect from Pilot.

Pilot Juice gel ink pen tip

The clip is excellent. It’s sprung and will clip onto pretty much anything, within reason. It also has a couple of holes in it so you can hang it from something or hang those little charm thingies from it. Although if you are, like me, a gentleman in his 40s, you perhaps shouldn’t.

Pilot Juice gel ink pen clip

The Pilot Juice has the writing quality of a Hi-Tec-C but a much better barrel. The 0.5mm tip is my preferred size but with such a range of tip sizes and colours there’s a Pilot Juice for everyone. Each time I place an order at Cult Pens I treat myself to another colour. The Pilot Juice is my new favourite gel ink pen.

Pilot Juice gel ink pen handwritten review