Pelikan M215 fountain pen nib

Pelikan M215 fountain pen review

14 April 2014 By ian

Pelikan M215 fountain pen end on

The Pelikan M215 is an amazing pen. It is virtually faultless.

It is a piston-filling pen that holds a good amount of ink. The piston mechanism is smooth and has the feel of precision engineering. There is not wiggle or wobble and it glides in the most luxurious way. There is a window just above the section so you can check how much ink is left. This window is dark and blends in nicely with the rest of the barrel. It does make it necessary to hold the pen up to the light to check on the ink.

Pelikan M215 fountain with cap

I love the design. Classy but not flashy. The lacquer is smooth and very shiny and the rings give the barrel a bit of interest.

Pelikan M215 fountain with cap from side

There is a metal core that gives the pen some weight, adding to the feeling of quality. The pen is a good length – fairly short but comfortable in the hand even unposted.

Pelikan M215 fountain capped

The cap screws on. It posts in a completely conventional and serviceable manner. The clip has the wonderfully subtle Pelikan beak design and is good and firm.

Pelikan M215 fountain pen clip

Before even writing a single word, this pen shouts quality. But I haven’t got to the best part yet.

Pelikan M215 fountain pen feed

I couldn’t decide whether to get this pen with a gold nib or a steel nib. In the end, my wallet decided for me and I bought a fine steel nib. Every now and then it false-starts, just the tiniest amount, only on very smooth paper. and only very occasionally. Not enough to be anywhere near a problem (for me) but I feel I need to mention it. Despite that…

Pelikan M215 fountain pen nib

This is one of the best nibs I have ever used. It is so smooth. It flexes a little. It does your writing for you. It is beautiful.

Pelikan M215 fountain pen in the garden

If someone was looking for just one pen then this is the pen I would currently recommend.

Pelikan M215 fountain handwritten review