Magnetips Drawing Pens Review and Giveaway

29 November 2017 By ian

The Magnetip is a fibre-tipped pen that contains magnets at each end.

These pens were sent to me by Magnetips to review. They sent me two sets of pens which I’ll be giving away. Read on for the review and for details of the giveaway. These are my own views. Many thanks to Magnetips for sending them my way.

Price: £40 for a set of twenty; £64 for a set that includes a full set of refills and ten chrome balls
Ink type: water-based
Refill options: £17 for a set of refills (0.4mm tip)

Magnetips have a hexagonal plastic barrel, cap and grip section. They’re a little short unposted but posted they’re a good length. They’re very light and comfortable to hold.

The cap pushes on to close and posts magnetically. The magnets are strong and so this works well enough.

(The only minor issue (and it’s probably just me) with the magnets is that because of their polarisation, if you want to keep the pens in the tray they came in, you have to line them up alternating – tip up, tip down, tip up, etc. As it’s hard to tell which end is the cap and which the barrel, you never quite know how the pen’s going to be pointing.)

The twenty colours are bright and cheery and cover what you’d need for diagrams and notes.

Unfortunately some of the refills ran dry despite the pens all having been properly capped for the few months I’d had them. With the pens that worked the lines were strong and consistent.

As a pen, the Magnetip is decent, if expensive, option, although they really ought to be a little more reliable. However, what makes them special are the magnets they contain. Combined with a set of chrome balls (which must be purchased separately or as part of a bundle) it’s possible to build all kinds of geometric structures. That’s a lot of fun.

If I was back in an office again I’d love these. They’re useful but they’re also an awful lot of fun. You can play around with the magnets instead of doing any work but as soon as someone comes in, keep hold of one of the pens and pretend you’re busy. The ideal office pen.


Good bright colours
Lots and lots of fun


Some of the refills dried out too quickly


I have two Magnetips bundles to give away. Both include a set of chrome balls, a set of pens and a set of refills. One set is white, and is the set I’ve reviewed here (complete with some dry refills – hopefully the refill set is fine) and the other set is black (and untested).

As usual, to enter the giveaway just leave a comment on this post saying thank you to someone you know (in real life). The giveaway finishes at 9am GMT on Wednesday 6 December 2017. The two winners will be picked using If you have any preference about the white or black set please say this in the comments.