MUJI Fountain Pen capped

Muji Fountain Pen review

6 April 2014 By ian

MUJI Fountain Pen cap and knurling

I’d been after the Muji Fountain Pen for some time. I like the Muji aesthetic: simple, stylish, functional, unbranded. This fountain pen is very much in this vein.

MUJI Fountain Pen end

It’s a simple aluminium tube with a nib at one end. The nib is scratchy and uninspiring. It’s a standard ‘iridium point’ nib, about a German fine in width. I don’t think they’re available in any other sizes.

MUJI Fountain Pen nib

The barrel is so light that it feels like it would buckle if you held it too tightly. I haven’t tested this out. If you put the pen down on your desk and a butterfly flaps its wings on the other side of the world, it will roll away.

MUJI Fountain Pen capped

The knurling is uncomfortable. (When people see knurling they tend to think: that must be jolly uncomfortable. When it’s done well, it isn’t at all. This isn’t done well.)

MUJI Fountain Pen review

The cap closes and posts in a very clever way, by sliding inside the barrel. It’s neat. It means the metal at the end of the cap is incredibly thin and I can’t see it lasting very long before bending a little, making it impossible to put the cap on.

MUJI Fountain Pen uncapped

The pen takes standard international cartridges and some (but not all) converters will fit.

MUJI Fountain Pen internals

So, all in all, this is a pen that looks nice but is far too light and flimsy, uncomfortable to hold and has a poor nib. Spend your money on something else.

MUJI Fountain Pen handwritten review