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Muji Erasable Ballpoint Review

16 February 2015 By ian

The Muji Erasable Ballpoint is available in 0.5mm or 0.4mm versions and a variety of colours including red, green, purple, pink, light blue, orange and, like this one, blue. It costs £2.50 in the UK, with refills available for £1.50. I couldn’t find it in the Muji US store.   The barrel is simple clear […]

Muji Acrylic Mechanical Pencil Review

2 February 2015 By ian

The Muji Acrylic Pencil is a 0.5mm mechanical pencil that costs £2.50 in the UK and $3.50 in the US. It has a most excellent sprung clothes-peg style clip. It will clip onto most things and it’s very unlikely to break. It’s great! The barrel is, unsurprisingly, made of clear acrylic and if you like […]

Muji Fountain Pen review

6 April 2014 By ian

I’d been after the Muji Fountain Pen for some time. I like the Muji aesthetic: simple, stylish, functional, unbranded. This fountain pen is very much in this vein. It’s a simple aluminium tube with a nib at one end. The nib is scratchy and uninspiring. It’s a standard ‘iridium point’ nib, about a German fine […]

MUJI 0.38 Gel Ink Pen review

21 October 2013 By ian

I bought these pens quite some time ago, tried them, decided they were very nice and then didn’t pick them up again for a very long time. When I did, they worked immediately and I realised just how good they were. They write a good crisp fine line every single time. I like how they […]