Edison Pen Co. Pearlette Fountain Pen Review

29 August 2018 By ian

I reviewed the Edison Pen Co Collier a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. It felt like a pen that was designed by someone who really enjoyed using pens and it had a great old-school charm combined with modern nibs and materials.

When Goldspot pens offered to send me a Pearlette to review I was excited to see how it compared. These are my own views.

Price: $169
Filling method: cartridge/converter
Barrel options: Azure Skies (this one), Sonoran Sunset, Canyon Trail, Deep Indigo Flake
Nib options: extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1mm stub, 1.4mm stub (gold nibs available for an extra $130)
Size: 1.3cm diameter, 13.2cm long capped, 12.1cm long uncapped
Weight: 18g

The Pearlette is quite a small pen. I have big hands and it’s just about long enough for me to use unposted. It’s a more comfortable length posted but then the cap moves around a little. So unposted is best.

The section is also fairly small but the threads are out of the way of your fingers. It has quite a significant contour which makes it very comfortable to hold.

The cap screws on to close. It takes a little over one and a half turns to close. The clip is a simple folded metal design. It works well as a clip and looks quite elegant.

The Pearlette uses an international standard cartridge/converter.

Edison use Jowo nibs with their own logo etched on. They look good. There are a wide range of sizes available; I went for a 1.1mm stub (in stainless steel). I had to smooth the nib a little when it arrived but after that it’s been lovely. The flow is good and there are no hard starts or skips.

This Pearlette is a beautiful pen. The colour and the swirls in the acrylic are gorgeous. It’s possible to line up the swirls in the cap and the barrel but it’s a little hit and miss. When they do line up it’s worth it for the full-on loveliness.

I also like the etching on the barrel, which harks back to pens of old and makes the pen seem as if it has more history and it actually does. It helps you feel like you have a quality pen from a well established brand. Which, in fact, you do.

The Edison Pearlette is a beautiful pen that’s comfortable in the hand. It would be nice if the cap posted a little more securely but other than that it’s great. It’s a pen I love to use and often reach for.


Looks beautiful
Good selection of good nibs
Good quality manufacture


Cap doesn’t post very securely
The nib on my pen needed smoothing on arrival

Thanks once again to Goldspot pens for sending me this lovely pen to review.