Darkstar Notebook Review

29 June 2018 By ian

Darkstar is a UK company that aims to make simple notebooks with good quality paper. This particular notebook is a special version exclusive to Nero’s Notes, who were kind enough to send me a sample to review. These are my own opinions, based on using the notebook daily for a few weeks.

Size: 9cm by 14cm
Price: £9 for three
Pages: 54
Cover: “Moon Grey”, cardboard
Paper: 100gsm
Ruling: alternate pages of dot grid and ruled
Binding: stapled

The cover is thick card and a lovely grey colour. It has simple branding (just ‘Darkstar Collection’ and the logo on the front cover, and nothing anywhere else) and it looks fantastic. It’s held up well while I’ve been using it.

The first page has the Pocket Notebooks logo (Nero’s Notes previous persona) and boxes for your name, contact details and intended adventure.

Adventure is out there

Adventure is out there

The last page has Darkstar’s mission statement.

The 54 pages are held in place with two strong staples.

The paper is fantastic. Even with particularly wet fountain pen nibs there was no feathering or bleeding and virtually no show-through.

Inks look great too. This is just about the best paper I’ve come across in a pocket notebook if you want to use fountain pens.

This particular edition has dot grid on one page and straight lines on the other. This drives me potty. I don’t mind which ruling I have but I want one or the other. However, thankfully Darkstar make other versions with sane ruling.

There will always be a special place in my heart for Calepino notebooks but I think Darkstar notebooks are going to join them at the top of my favourites list. They look gorgeous and the paper is beautiful.


Looks great
Fantastic paper


None (except for the ruling but that’s my personal preference)