Back Pocket Guitar Notebook Review

27 July 2018 By ian

Back Pocket are a UK-based company that produces an ever increasing range of pocket notebooks, all of which are printed in England.

This notebook was sent to me by Nero’s Notes for the purposes of this review. These are my own opinions based on having used the notebook over a period of several weeks. (Which is why it’s looking a bit crumpled.)

Size: 14cm by 9cm
Price: £12 for three
Pages: 36
Cover: 300gsm card
Paper: 120gsm white
Ruling: cross grid
Binding: stapled

This pack of three notebooks comes with three different covers: a ukulele (on orange), an acoustic guitar (on red) and an electric guitar (on mustard yellow). I only had the electric guitar version to look at but that’s okay because electric guitars make the best music. The cover looks great and the printing is good quality.

The back cover has some simple branding.

The inside covers, front and back, have fingerings for common scales. The diagram for the major scale has a mistake on it, unfortunately. See if you can spot it. Included in the text next to each scale is the name of a song that features it. A very nice touch.

Two staples hold the pages firmly in place.

The ruling is a pale cross grid. It’s a shame there aren’t other options but if you’re going to have just one, this is the one to have.

(I don’t know if you can tell, but my daughter is very much into Harry Potter at the moment.)

The paper is fantastic with fountain pens.

I know fountain pen amiability might not be the most important factor with a pocket notebook but why use one that doesn’t work with them when you can use one that does?

All in all, good looking notebooks that are made well and have great paper.


Good fountain pen-friendly paper
Look great


Only one option for ruling
Mistake on the inside front cover