Artline Drawing System drawing pen review

Artline Drawing System drawing pen review

The Artline Drawing System pens are, unsurprisingly, drawing pens. They use water-based yet water-proof black pigment ink and can be found with tip sizes from 0.1 to 0.8.

Artline Drawing System drawing pen branding

The ink is good and black and the clip is nice and strong. Those are the best aspects of this pen. The line isn’t always consistent – the width wavers thin and thick now and again. The ink can also turn a little glossy when shading in, instead of remaining a consistent matt.

Artline Drawing System drawing pen tip

It looks as if the cap ought to post and so it should. It’s important for the cap to post securely on a drawing pen because they’re often going to be used out and about and you need to put that cap somewhere safe, like the end of the pen. But it just falls off. It doesn’t post at all.

Artline Drawing System drawing pen end of cap

Here’s a drawing I did with the Artline Drawing System 0.2.

Lifeguard hut at Avon Beach

Here is a pen box my daughter made for me, that is a perfect fit for a less than perfect pen.

Artline Drawing System in Ella's box

The Sakura Pigma Micron is a much better pen and costs less. The Copic Multiliner is also a much better pen and in the disposable incarnation also costs less. There’s no reason I can see to buy an Artline Drawing System pen instead of one of those.

Artline Drawing System drawing pen handwritten review


  1. Do you find the ink less deep black, than the other alternatives? I have the Artline pens, and I like them. My drawings looks nice, and I draw carefully/not fast, so I haven’t experienced anything else than smooth lines. I like that you are able to make the lines fade to thin at the end of a stroke – but that is an options with all pens, right?

    But now I guess I’m only happy with Artline because, I haven’t had better.

    1. Hi Kay. I found the black to be plenty black enough but a little too glossy. You should always use what you like best but I do think there are better ones for the price.

    1. I don’t know, sorry. However Copic’s own Multiliner pen is better than this and designed to be used with Copic markers.

    2. Yes. Artline It’s copic proof. Better than pigma micron. Pigma micron is better in some aspects, but for copic, Artline ink is better.
      Pigma is better in consistence of line,
      Don’t bleed, blackness of ink. And has a certain copic proof, but sometimes has a little smudge.
      Artline don’t smudge with copic, even seconds after the inking. The ink is black similar to Micron, but has a little bleed.

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