Pentel Energel 07 gel ink pen review

11 November 2013 By ian

Pentel Energel 07

I think this was a freebie from the lovely Cult Pens people. Not because they sent me it to review but because they nearly always throw something in for free with every order. This is because they are great. But not so great that they send me things to review. Which they should.


The pen itself is not quite my cup of tea but I wanted to review it because I think it’s a pen that many people will like. It writes a good black line. It’s comfortable to hold and, apart from a wobbly nock, feels well made. The wobbly nock drives me mad though. You don’t want a wobbly nock on your hands. Never ends well.


What I don’t like about this pen is the way it tries to run away from me all the time. Not literally. This is a common problem with less-than-fine gel pens, in my experience, and in that respect it’s very similar to the G2.

Pentel Energel 07 2

If you like the G2 then I think it’s worth having a look at the Energel because you might just prefer it. If you don’t like the G2 then this isn’t the pen for you.

Pentel Energel 07 handwritten review