Pennaquod pen blog search engine

9 August 2014 By ian

I’m really pleased to be able to announce a brand new site that I hope will be useful to lots and lots of people.

It’s called Pennaquod and it uses Google to search only pen and stationery blogs.

I was frustrated with trying to find pen reviews and search results being swamped by ebay and Amazon listings so Pennaquod searches only sites that have chosen to be part of it.

I’m incredibly proud of the already fantastic lineup of sites that are part of the service but I know there are a lot of wonderful sites out there that aren’t yet included. I did try to contact as many as I could but it’s actually quite hard to email the owners of many sites. If you have a blog that is primarily about pens, paper, ink, pencils or stationery, and you’re not a retailer, then please get in touch and I’ll add you. (It’s fine if you sell the some things from your site as long as that’s not your site’s primary purpose.)