Kaweco Student fountain pen review

Kaweco Student fountain pen review

The Kaweco Student has an acrylic barrel and chrome plated brass section and clip. It’s available with stainless steel nibs from extra-fine to extra broad and in black, translucent blue (which looks fab), white and red. It costs about £45 in the UK (with a converter) and $55 in the USA (without).

Kaweco Student fountain pen standing up

The black barrel/chrome section doesn’t do it for me – it isn’t quite to my taste – but it is done well. Kaweco manufacture pens to a consistently high quality and this one is no exception. I have noticed some scratches on the barrel though. That could be my carelessness but I don’t remember doing anything silly with it. That doesn’t mean I didn’t do something silly. I have the memory of an absent minded goldfish with concussion.

Kaweco Student fountain pen uncapped

The clip is firm and solid and clippy. The cap screws on in a perfectly reasonable number of turns and posts well. The chrome-plated solid-feeling brass furniture and section give the whole pen a feeling of quality.

Kaweco Student fountain pen cap

The nib is the same as is found in all modern Kaweco pens other than the Elite. It looks a little small in this pen but it’s nothing too drastic. This one is a medium and it’s lovely and smooth and consistent. Kaweco nibs are easily swapped so if you have more than one you’re able to mix things up a bit, should that take your fancy.

Kaweco Student fountain pen nib

Being a normal sized pen, standard international cartridges and converters fit perfectly well.

Kaweco Student fountain pen deconstructed

This is a well balanced pen that looks classy and writes well. The scratches are a concern but it could have been something I did. I am not renowned for either my co-ordination or my memory. It’s otherwise very well made. Many pens around this price all offer something different, such as the nib on the Pilot Prera, the filling mechanism and nib range of the TWSBI Diamond or the design of many Lamys, but the Kaweco Student has a good range of nib sizes, has a classic/business-like design and uses standard-sized cartridges. If you like how it (or one of the other versions) looks then it’s a good choice at this price point: a good, reliable though relatively uninspiring, choice.

You can find some more Kaweco Student reviews on Pennaquod.

Kaweco Student fountain pen handwritten review

This pen was given to me by Kaweco for me to review and keep. I’ve tried not to let that influence my review at all.


  1. Nice review. I’ve got one in translucent blue. Outwardly I love pretty much everything about this pen – color, substantial feeling, pretty trim, full-sized pen but still compact. It’s the nibs that drive me nuts. Exchanged a smooth but hopelessly skippy F nib for a medium. Better but inkflow just isn’t right. Might try out a few inks and maybe think about contacting the Kaweco service.

    And be careful with converters. Ruined a Pelikan standard converter because it got stuck inside the barrel. Faber-Castell was also ever so slightly too thick. Had to get the one from Kaweco which is more slender and slightly shorter than my other converters.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave such an interesting comment. I’ve been lucky with my Kaweco nibs, I’ve just had one broad nib that was a bit temperamental, but I do see this quite a bit in reviews. It seems the wider the nib the more common the problems so you’ve been pretty unlucky.

      I think in the UK this pen usually comes with a converter thus avoiding any problems with different ones. Because mine came with one I didn’t try any others. I do know that Monteverde converters are identical (apart from the branding they are literally exactly the same) so they will fit too.

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