Diamine Ancient Copper ink review

Diamine Ancient Copper ink review

Diamine Ancient Copper is a very special ink. It shades in the most beautiful way and really does look like ancient copper. In that respect, Diamine picked an excellent name.  If you know your way around a flex or italic nib then you’ll be able to really bring this ink to life. Even if you can’t, it is, in my opinion, an essential ink because of the joy it will bring to you and your pen.

Here’s a little video of me drawing the doodle.

Diamine Ancient Copper ink review scan


  1. NICE!, one of my favorite inks that I always have flowing. I looked a long time for an orange hue that didn’t scream Halloween and although AC is a stretch for true orange I fell in love with it. Thanks for the review and cool art that I always enjoy

  2. Wonderful review of gorgeous colour. I use fountain pen inks for sketching and notes and your reviews always show the inks off in a way that I often use them.
    Thank you.
    I, like Bob M, always have a pen loaded with this. In fact it’s never been out of my TWSBI VAC 700 Amber EF.

  3. Thank you Bob and Tas. Yes it’s a fantastic ink. I don’t use it all the time but only because there are just so many fantastic inks and I try not to have too many pens inked at once. It’s in very frequent use, though!

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