Whitelines Pocket Notebook Mini-Review

25 February 2016 By ian

Whitelines Pocket notebook mini review

Whitelines is a Swedish company making a range of paper products featuring white lines on a grey background. This is a mini-review of their pocket notebook.

Size: 9cm by 14cm (3.5″ by 5.5″)
Price: £7.95 (UK) for three
Pages: 48
Cover: thick card (not sure of the weight, sorry)
Paper: 80gsm
Ruling: 5mm squares, white on grey (also available lined)

The notebook has a good strong cardboard cover with ‘Whitelines’ debossed on the front. It looks good and it does a good job of keeping the notebook safe, though a month and a half of being sat on does take its toll.

New notebook on the left; the results of 6 weeks of me sitting on you, on the right

New notebook on the left; the results of 6 weeks of being sat on on the right

The paper is pretty good with fountain pen ink. Of course, writing on grey paper doesn’t do much for your beautiful colours.

Whitelines Pocket notebook inks

I’m using pencils in my pocket notebook most of the time these days, really because I have a box full of pencils and I want to use them more.

Hedley family Christmas knockout tournaments

Hedley family Christmas knockout tournaments

The idea of the white lines on grey paper is, I think, that they lines are there to guide you when you want them but almost disappear when you don’t. I have to say: this works. It works so well that despite having used this notebook for about six weeks, when I came to write this review I had to pick it up again just to make sure there really were lines there. Most likely this is a consequence of my advanced years but I thought it was interesting.

Whitelines Pocket notebook sketch

I was really very pleasantly surprised by the Whitelines pocket notebook. The cover is strong, the design is tasteful and the paper is great.


Good paper
Strong cardboard cover
Ignorable ruling


Grey paper isn’t everyone’s cup of tea

Whitelines Pocket notebook battered inside cover