Waterman Translucent fountain pen review

Waterman Translucent fountain pen

I picked this pen up for under 7 Euros in a French supermarket. A Waterman fountain pen for that price? Yes please!

It turns out that it has a good fine nib, is comfortable to hold and use and feels like it should have cost several times as much. I wish I’d filled my trolley with them.

Waterman Translucent fountain pen handwritten review

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  1. I found something similar in a supermarket in the south of France in 2015. It also had a steel point but it was called “Reflectis,” It was something like 10 Euros…It has quickly become my favorite fountain pen and like you I wish I had bought a bunch of them. It is very nice for writing, especially in my favorite notebooks…French-line Clairefontaine notebooks…which remind me of the first time I used a fountain pen, many years ago, when I was nine or ten in a French school in Paris…..It came with a blue ink cartridge but I prefer Waterman black.

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