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Tombow 2558 Wooden Pencil Review

12 November 2015 By ian

The Tombow 2558 is a simple yellow pencil for, in Tombow’s own words, “general writing”. Price: $1 to $1.20 each Lead grade options: H, HB, B Barrel colours: Only yellow Barrel shape: Hexagonal Eraser?: Yes I love how this pencil looks. It’s a very classy shade of yellow with very crisp dark burgundy printing (except […]

Tombow Mono 100 Pencil (Re-) Review

19 February 2015 By ian

The Tombow Mono 100 is not a cheap pencil. They cost about $2.35 in the USA and around £1.85 in the UK. There is a perfectly reasonable argument that no pencil could be worth this much. People who make this argument are wrong. I sort-of-reviewed the Tombow Mono 100 back in October 2013 but this […]

Tombow Mono 100 pencil review

11 October 2013 By ian

I haven’t explored the world of pencils in quite the way that I am exploring the world of pens because, basically, I found these pencils and stopped looking. I used to think that one pencil was pretty much the same as any other but I was wrong. Or rather, as I am never actually wrong, […]