Beach Parasols (sketch)

Although our Italian holiday turned out to be not much of a holiday at all, we did get to the beach a few times. The most striking thing about where we went were the bright orange parasols standing out against the cloudless blue sky. This was a quick sketch using[…]

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Italian horizon featured

Italian Horizon (sketch)

Julia and I arrived in Italy on Monday 22nd August. At 3.30am on the following night we woke up to what a huge roaring sound, the room shaking wildly and plaster falling on our heads. We were lucky, it scared us and put an end to the relaxing time we’d[…]

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Quick Sketch from Amsterdam

This is a quick sketch from last year’s trip to Amsterdam. It isn’t the greatest but it was done quickly, balancing on my lap, and it brings back nice memories of an unexpected trip. (We’d planned to go to Barcelona but a French air traffic strike scuppered that idea.)

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