Italian horizon featured

Italian Horizon (sketch)

16 September 2016 By ian

Italian horizon photo

Julia and I arrived in Italy on Monday 22nd August. At 3.30am on the following night we woke up to what a huge roaring sound, the room shaking wildly and plaster falling on our heads. We were lucky, it scared us and put an end to the relaxing time we’d hoped for but we weren’t hurt and the house we were staying in had been reinforced against earthquakes and stayed up. The chimney came down and there’s a lot of repair work to be done to the plaster inside but just thirty miles away hundreds of people lost their lives and thousands more lost their homes. It was a reminder that we live our lives on a lump of rock floating in space and what we have, who we are, is ephemeral. You can’t take anything for granted, not even the ground under your feet.

Italian horizon