Platinum Fude Brush review

Platinum Fude Brush Pen Review

I’ve been enjoying dipping my toes into the world of refillable brush pens. I’m a long way from ever being able to use them to write with but they’re so much fun for drawing. You can get lovely little sketches done in just a few moments. It was therefore either[…]

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Platinum PTL-5000 review

Platinum PTL-5000 Fountain Pen Review

Gold nibs are hard to find for less than £50 and usually cost an awful lot more, so a whole pen for less than that, featuring a gold nib, is going to be either something rather special or a golden turkey. Thank you to Cult Pens for sending me this[…]

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Platinum Plaisir nib

Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen Review

Platinum make some very beautiful and very expensive pens and some very ugly and very cheap pens. The Plaisir is an attempt to make a pen that’s relatively cheap yet not ugly. Thank you to Cult Pens for sending me this pen in exchange for an honest review. These are[…]

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Platinum Carbon Pen review

Platinum Carbon Pen – Sketch and Review

The Platinum Carbon Pen is a bit of a legend amongst artists, being recommended by, for example, one of my personal artistic heroes Marc Taro Holmes. Therefore I’m doing something a little different with this review and looking at this pen is for sketching. If you’re wanting to know what[…]

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