OHTO Rook uncapped

OHTO Rook Fountain Pen Review

OHTO make the pen that got me into all this in the first place and some decent mechanical pencils, too. Their fountain pens, though, have a mixed reputation. I was able to get this pen at a discount thanks to Cult Pens’ support of the site. These are my own[…]

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OHTO Tasche nib

OHTO Tasche Fountain Pen Review

OHTO began in 1929 making dyes and ink. In 1963, they produced the world’s first rollerball pen. Their Graphic Liner was the pen that opened my eyes to the world of pens beyond the Bic ballpoint. They have a fine history. However, their fountain pens have a mixed reputation, to[…]

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OHTO Promecha 1000P review

OHTO Promecha 1000P Mechanical Pencil Review

OHTO make one of the best pens ever but their other products can be a bit hit and miss. The Promecha range of mechanical pencils has a good reputation so I was interested in giving this Promecha 1000P model a try. Price: $16.50 (USA) £11 (UK) Lead size options: 0.3mm,[…]

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OHTO Auto Sharp mechanical pencil clip

OHTO Auto Sharp Pencil AP-205 review

The OHTO Auto Sharp Pencil, catchily named the AP-205, is a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. It’s available with black, blue, green or red barrels and costs £1.60 ($2.50ish) from Cult Pens, who sponsored this post. The Auto Sharp part of the name refers not to a fancy Kuru-Toga style rotating system but[…]

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D1 refill comparison round 1 tips

Comparison of D1 Refills (Part one)

There are many many pens that take D1 refills, including a couple that I’ve reviewed here and several on Kickstarter. The new Retro 51 Tornado Touch also uses one. A D1 refill, if you don’t know, is a mini refill commonly used in pocket pens or multipens. There are as[…]

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