OHTO Promecha 1000P review

OHTO Promecha 1000P Mechanical Pencil Review

4 January 2016 By ian

OHTO Promecha 1000P review

OHTO make one of the best pens ever but their other products can be a bit hit and miss. The Promecha range of mechanical pencils has a good reputation so I was interested in giving this Promecha 1000P model a try.

Price: $16.50 (USA) £11 (UK)
Lead size options: 0.3mm, 0.5mm. 0.7mm, 0.9mm
Barrel options: silver
Size: 14.6cm (5.7″)
Weight: 17g (0.6oz)

If pens and pencils could be reviewed purely in terms of a tick-list, the Promecha 1000P would win hands down: it’s available in a good range of lead sizes, has a retractable tip, a lead grade indicator, an eraser, aluminium construction and a removable clip.

Fortunately for this site and the many others like it, it’s not that simple.

OHTO Promecha 1000P retracted

The tip retracts and extends through turning the knurled grip. This works well and means it’s possible to choose how much to extend the lead pipe. Unfortunately if you’ve deployed the lead at all it doesn’t retract quite enough to hide the lead away. There is some play between the grip and the barrel but this isn’t noticeable while you’re writing.

OHTO Promecha 1000P tip

The eraser works but like most mechanical pencils is tiny.

OHTO Promecha 1000P eraser

There’s a lead grade indicator on the push button that covers the eraser that runs from B to 4H including F. This push button is very rattly and makes the pencil feel a little cheap. The business end of the pencil inspires confidence and suggests quality but this opposite end undoes much of that good work.

OHTO Promecha 1000P clip and grade indicator

The grip is just right, the knurling does provide a good amount of grip but it’s not too rough and uncomfortable. The removable clip is fairly strong and clippy.

The Promecha 1000P looks a little strange because the grip is wider than you’d expect, presumably because of the retractable business going on inside. This also makes the pencil very off balance but as this tilts the tip onto the paper this may be an advantage, depending on your preference. There are four o-rings that add a nice visual touch but these can occasionally get dislodged, which is irritating. You can see in the photos that one isn’t where it ought to be.

OHTO Promecha 1000P full length

When I first bought this pencil I couldn’t stand it. The rattliness and the wandering o-rings just put me off completely and I put it away and didn’t pick it up again for a long time. Then I picked it up again and started the review, taking photos and writing the handwritten part. As I spent more time with it, the pencil started to grow on me. I still wouldn’t say it was a favourite but it’s one I enjoy using. It’s full of good ideas: they just don’t quite gel.

OHTO Promecha 1000P in pieces


Lead indicator
Removable, and fairly robust, clip
Comfortable and grippy grip


O-rings can dislodge

OHTO Promecha 1000P handwritten review