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Craft Design Technology Item 35 Notebook Review

16 November 2016 By ian

Craft Design Technology commission products from established Japanese manufacturers and rebrand them. The resulting items look great, in a modern minimalist kind of way. Most of their products are sold at premium prices but the cost of this notebook compares favourably with similar items. I was able to get this pen at a discount thanks […]

Hobonichi Techo (2016 Edition) Review

14 September 2016 By ian

A lot has been written about the Hobonichi Techo. It has almost cult status. Here are some more words about it, based on how I’ve used mine for eight months. Of course one of the difficulties of reviewing planners when you try not to review anything without using it for a while is that the […]

Paper-Oh Notebooks Review

27 July 2016 By ian

I first discovered Paper-Oh notebooks when a couple were included in a Spotlight Stationery box that I received via their sponsorship of Pens! Paper! Pencils! I liked them a lot and so bought three more. Size: A5 (also available in A7, A6 and A4) Price: £6 Pages: 112 Cover: hard card with a dot pattern […]

Story Supply Co Pocket Staple Notebook Review

20 July 2016 By ian

Story Supply is an American company with a wonderful ethic. In their own words, they partner “with organizations who provide free tutoring, writing, and arts instruction to kids in under-served communities” by setting aside a Supply Kit with every purchase: Story Supply Kits will include notebooks and writing tools or other items that will directly […]

Clairefontaine Age Bag Notebook Review

8 June 2016 By ian

When I was a child I never really watched Star Trek. I saw the occasional episode on BBC2 but I expect it was on at the same time as the news and, being an age when families only had one TV (and three channels), my parents were always going to pick the news. Back in […]