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VW Up grooviness

10 September 2013 By ian

My VW Up is a groovy little car in many ways but one of the grooviest ways that it is groovy is that it has a built in pen and notebook holder. (The pen in question is a Faber-Castell Twice Multipen, in which I have a Hi-Tec-C refill and a Monteverde ballpoint refill.)


7 September 2013 By ian

From left to right: A variety of Moleskines: Cahiers, volants, a sketchbook, some lined, one squared, most plain. (A blast from the past: they’re all used but I don’t buy them anymore.) Two Muji plain pocket books. (These are rather nice.) Bottom: Four Calepino notebooks in Davis Leatherworks covers. (A plain one for my pocket, […]

Monsieur Notebooks on indiegogo

3 September 2013 By ian

Monsieur Notebooks on indiegogo Independent Publisher’s Guild will be bringing Monsieur Notebooks to the USA and Canada, and we need your help to make sure we’re ready for the launch! I am far from the first person to link to this campaign but that’s okay because I want them to do well. I’ve just received […]

In my pockets

15 August 2013 By ian

This is what I carry in my pockets every day. A Kaweco Classic Sport with an extra-fine nib (although it’s not actually all that extra fine), filled at the moment with Pelikan 4001 black; a Calepino notebook; and a Davis Leatherworks cover. They are all wonderful things. Sometime soon I’ll come back to each one […]