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Studio Tartuensis Classic Notebook Review and Giveaway

21 March 2018 By ian

Studio Tartuensis are, in their own words, A museum and studio for letterpress and intaglio techniques, a hotbed of new ideas for old crafts, a center for print-related education, research and art. They’re based in Estonia and they have a cat called Johannes Gutenberg. If you’re not already falling for them, you have no soul. […]

Personalised Stationery Notebook

6 February 2018 By ian

Personalised Stationery is a UK-based company that, although fairly young, has already firmly established itself in the UK stationery world. I was sent a notebook to try by an United Inkdom colleague. I promptly spilled coffee over it. I’d used it enough to know I wanted to find out more and so bought myself a […]

Manuscript Notebook Review

1 November 2017 By ian

Manuscript are an American notebook company. They sent me a set of their notebooks to review. These are my honest opinions based on using one of each size for several weeks. Pocket notebooks Size: 5.5″ x 3.5″ Price: $11 for three Pages: 64 Cover: textured cardboard Paper: off-white Ruling: blank Binding: sewn/thread Large notebooks Size: […]

Rhodia Rhodiarama Softcover Notebook

14 December 2016 By ian

Rhodia’s Webnotebook has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best fountain pen-friendly notebooks there is. It was my number one choice until I started using covers, when the thick cover, usually such an advantage, became a bit awkward. I tried many different softcover notebooks, some good, some bad, but what I really wanted […]

Back Pocket SpaceX Notebook Review

7 December 2016 By ian

It seems these days that a new notebook’s been released before you can finish half of the one you last started, so it takes something special for one to stand out. The Back Pocket SpaceX notebooks certainly look striking but do they hold up in use? Size: 14cm by 9cm (A6ish) Price: £12 for a […]