Kaweco AC-Sport fountain pen branding

Kaweco AC-Sport fountain pen review

The Kaweco Classic Sport was the first pen I reviewed on Pens! Paper! Pencil! I love that pen. Until recently I kept it in my pocket and used it every single day. It got scuffed up but I didn’t care, although I did buy a lovely leather sleeve for it.[…]

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Franklin-Christoph M02 fountain pen posted

Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic fountain pen review

The Franklin-Christoph Model 02 ‘Intrinsic’ is an acrylic fountain pen that can be used as a standard international cartridge/converter or as an eye-dropper. It comes in three and a half different colours (black/maroon, black/cherry, smoke and ice, and emerald). This is the smoke and ice version. The barrel is the[…]

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Pilot Juice gel ink pen clip

Pilot Juice gel ink pen review

The Pilot Juice is a gel ink pen that is available in three different tip sizes (0.38, 0.5 and 0.7mm) and a large range of colours. (Thirty-six colours in the 0.5mm size, fewer in the other sizes.) The grip is comfortable and slightly squishy. The barrel is clear plastic and[…]

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Kaweco Dia fountain pen cap

Kaweco Dia 2 fountain pen review

The Kaweco Dia 2 isn’t quite as well known as the Sport range but is, like the sport, an evolution of a design that has been around for a long time. It’s one of Kaweco’s classics. It’s only available in black but can be found with chrome-plated trim, like this[…]

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Artline Drawing System drawing pen end of cap

Artline Drawing System drawing pen review

The Artline Drawing System pens are, unsurprisingly, drawing pens. They use water-based yet water-proof black pigment ink and can be found with tip sizes from 0.1 to 0.8. The ink is good and black and the clip is nice and strong. Those are the best aspects of this pen. The[…]

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