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Faber-Castell Ondoro Fountain Pen Review

28 March 2018 By ian

I’ve been a fan of Faber-Castell since very early on in my fountain pen obsession interest. The Ambition was one of the first fountain pens I bought and it remains, many years later, one of my favourites. Since then I’ve acquired examples of all their modern range, finally completing the set with this bright and […]

Ensso Piuma Fountain Pen Review

21 February 2018 By ian

Ensso go for the minimalist look with their pens. Their first product, the Pen UNO, wasn’t much bigger than the refill it held and was a pretty good pen. The Piuma is fountain pen with a similar no-thrills design. Price: $99 Filling method: standard international cartridge/converter Barrel options: this one is brass (obviously!); aluminium and […]

Kaweco Steel Sport Fountain Pen Review

14 February 2018 By ian

Ah, metal pens, they get me every time. And the Kaweco Sport, that does too. A classic design: distinctive, timeless, and useful. There’s no point me trying to build up any kind of suspense. I love this pen. Price: £89 (with a stainless steel nib) Filling method: short international cartridge Barrel options: there are lots […]

Schön DSGN Pen Review

17 January 2018 By ian

Ian Schön has many lovely variations of his pen but this is the basic model: the Classic. They’re manufactured in small batches in Massachusetts. Price: $60 for this version Ink type: ballpoint Barrel options: polished aluminium, black anodised aluminium (this one); brass, steel, copper and titanium available at extra cost; clip available at extra cost […]

Venvstas Designer 8 Clutch Pencil Review

15 November 2017 By ian

My first experience with Venvstas was not entirely positive but since then I think they’ve worked hard to sort out initial difficulties and introduce new products, many of which look very interesting. Venvstas designed a pencil before they designed a pen, so how does this one work out? This pencil was sent to me for […]