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General’s Calendar Pencil Review

7 January 2016 By ian

The General’s Cedar Pointe is one of my favourite pencils so I was looking forward to trying another one of their range, the Calendar pencil. Price: $0.70 Lead grade options: No. 2 (HB, but more like 2H in this pencil) Barrel colours: yellow Barrel shape: hexagonal Eraser?: no This is a simple pencil. There are […]

General’s Cedar Pointe wooden pencil review

18 December 2014 By ian

The General’s Cedar Pointe is a wooden hex pencil available, as far as I can tell, just as a No. 2/HB. They’re available for $6 for a dozen. The natural finish looks and feels fantastic. Just one side is printed on, in simple black lettering. They are mercifully barcode free. The black ferrule is looks […]