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Montblanc Toffee Brown Ink Review

31 March 2015 By ian

This is a lot darker than I’d been expecting but it’s a good dark rich colour with just a hint of shading. Reminds me very much of the 70s. Here I am doodling the Inkling. Many thanks to Chris Stafford for sending me this sample.

J. Herbin Rouille d’Ancre Ink Review

3 March 2015 By ian

Apparently Rouille d’Ancre means rusty anchor, which is an absolutely lovely name. The ink is a fascinating colour. I think I like it, even though it reminds me a little of mould. It’s certainly different. It writes a little dry and is quite pale so needs a generous nib. Here I am doodling the Inkling.

J Herbin Ambre de Bermanie ink review

2 December 2014 By ian

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m rather partial to orange and orangey browns (and orangey reds and orangey yellows). It’ll come as no surprise to learn, then, that I like this ink really very much. It’s a great colour and has lovely shading. Here I am doodling the Inkling. Many thanks to Paul […]

Kaweco Caramel Brown ink review

7 October 2014 By ian

This is the last of the eight inks Kaweco sent me to review. It’s the last because I’ve been putting off trying it. A Fool With a Pen described it as hideous and he and I often have very similar tastes, so I wasn’t looking forward to using Caramel Brown at all. Was he right? […]