Start Bay Navigator Notebook Cover One Year On

18 October 2017 By ian

Back in June 2017 I reviewed my fairly new Start Bay Navigator leather notebook cover. This cover holds up to four A5-sized notebooks using elastic cords. Since then it’s been in daily use for almost eighteen months. I’ve also met the man behind the business and I’ve had a chance to look at a newer version of the cover

My cover has held up well. The leather has softened and picked up a scuff here and there, which, really, is the joy of a cover made from a natural product such as this. It’s developing a character that makes it distinctly mine. The elastic closure chord has needed replacing as it had worn thing but that’s a minor inconvenience. I enjoy using this cover and writing in it every day. I’ve used a whole range of A5 notebooks, thick and thin, hard and soft covers, and they’ve all fitted well. I also keep a smaller A6 notebook in and they’ve been fine too. The elastic bands are a simple but effective system.

The current Navigator covers use a much thicker leather. It’s very high quality.

The extra thickness means it’s less likely to bend in at the top like mine. In fact I used this new cover for several months and it held its shape perfectly.

Every month brings new products at Start Bay. There are covers for all sizes of notebooks, in several finishes (including a rather groovy paisley). They also sell my currently favourite notebook, the softcover Rhodiarama, a few pounds cheaper than I’ve found elsewhere.

Start Bay is a great little British company that concentrates on quality and workmanship. One (and a bit) year on, I’m still able to recommend their covers.