Pennaquod Search Engine Update

Pennaquod is a Google-based search engine that restricts its searches to stationery blogs. Usually when you search for a pen on Google you end up with lots of Amazon and eBay listings, making it hard to track down reviews. Pennaquod makes that easier.

If you were a regular Pennaquod user in the past, you might have noticed it stopped working a little while ago. That was because Google changed something in the background that broke everything. I’ve now fixed it.

If you have a stationery blog that you’d like to be included then please get in touch.


    1. I’m only able to test it on iOS and a Chromebook and it’s working okay there, so I can’t work out what’s causing the issue. If you have any ideas please let me know.

        1. I think it is because my Safari cannot establish a secure connection to Google.

          Pennaquod works on Firefox on the Mac, although if you run the Ghostery extension you must unblock the Essential/Google AJAX Search API.

      1. I’ve figured it out. It was my fault: somehow I had blocked Google on Little Snitch (network monitor). Sorry to have alarmed you! It works fine on Safari.

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