Sheaffer VFM fountain pen capped

Sheaffer VFM fountain pen review

2 June 2014 By ian

Sheaffer VFM fountain pen review

The Sheaffer VFM is a low cost pen with a metal barrel and plastic section.

Sheaffer VFM fountain pen uncapped unposted

VFM stands for ‘Vibrant, Fun and Modern’ but that applies more to the other colours this pen is available in than this rather stately and classic looking matt black version.

Sheaffer VFM fountain pen capped

The build quality is absolutely fantastic. It’s a very solidly put together pen. It’s quite small but it has a reassuring weight and is comfortable to use unposted, even in my chunky mitts.

Sheaffer VFM fountain pen branding

If you are a poster then you’ll be pleased to read that this pen posts rather reliably. The clip is quite stiff so (a) it won’t unclip accidentally and (b) it may be rather hard to clip onto anything flimsy or thick.

Sheaffer VFM fountain pen posted

The nib is excellent for such a cheap pen. Unfortunately it’s only available with a medium nib but it’s a good smooth writing and easy flowing one.

Sheaffer VFM fountain pen nib

There isn’t a lot of room in the barrel so you’ll struggle to find a converter that fits. Fortunately the Sheaffer VFM takes standard international short cartridges so there is a huge range available. However it is a shame that you can’t wedge a converter in.

Sheaffer VFM fountain pen deconstructed

This is a very good pen for the price and a pretty good pen at any price.

This pen was sent to me free of charge by Ross of Pure Pens. I haven’t let that influence this review. Check back here tomorrow for an interview with Ross and a chance to win this pen!

Sheaffer VFM fountain pen handwritten review