SGFA Centenary Exhibition Unlocked

10 July 2021 By ian

The Society for Graphic Fine Art was founded in 1919 to “uphold and maintain the interests of all those forms of art that do not use colour as a form of expression” and it held its first exhibition in 1921. The centenary exhibition was due to be held last year but was postponed until this year. I was lucky enough to have a drawing included in the exhibition and so I bravely left gentle green Dorset and headed for the big smoke to see it.

Due to the ongoing restrictions caused by the pandemic, numbers were restricted and so we only had thirty minutes to look around. It was a shame because there was so much fantastic art to look at. This is my kind of art: great ideas, skilfully executed, and figurative. I appreciate art that is all about an idea but I prefer art that has a good idea and is also great to look at.

I had an extremely large dose of imposter syndrome going on, including having a dream the night before we went that they had decided not to put my picture up, but I don’t think it looked too out of place. It was inspiring to be amongst so much talent.

The exhibition is still online but I don’t know how long it’ll be there for – the physical exhibition closes on Sunday.

The online exhibition Figurative Art Now is now live. My picture is here. This is another wonderful exhibition and it’s well worth some time spent browsing the works in it.