Rhodia Webnotebook (A5, lined) notebook review

6 March 2014 By ian

Rhodia Webnotebook review

Rhodia paper (made by Clairefontaine, if we’re being particular) is the paper by which I judge all others. It is lovely to use with fountain pens. It’s very hard to get pens to bleed or feather or even show through. Inks shine. It’s the paper that makes the Rhodia Webnotebook wonderful.

Webnotebooks (silly name), also known as ‘Webbies’ (also silly) come with 192 pages of 90gsm ivory coloured paper, either lined, plain or dotted. A6, A5 and A4 sizes are available. A6 Webnotebooks are available in a wide range of snazzy colours; other sizes only in black or Rhodia orange.

It’s the paper that makes these notebooks, even though I would prefer it to be whiter in order to bring out even more of my inks’ colours. The hard (but slightly squishy) cover is ‘Italian leatherette’ which as far as I can tell means ‘plastic-but-ashamed-to-admit-it’. Just the same as most other notebooks of this ilk (other than Monsieur). I can’t get excited about the cover but it fulfils its purpose which is to keep the insides safe. It would be nice if the snazzy colours were available in sizes other than A6.

Rhodia Webnotebook cover

The elastic band keeps the cover closed. It’s tight enough that it marks the cover at the edges, which might be an issue for some. It has a ribbon that gets in your way all the time, just the same as every other notebook in the world. There is a pocket in the back. The notebook lays flat no matter how far you are through it. (Although the first and last pages are stuck in such a way that they’re hard to write on.)

Rhodia Webnotebook pocket

The overall construction is excellent quality. I’ve used lots of these notebooks and they have never even suggested that they might come apart. Their construction gives you confidence.

There are aspects of this notebook I’m not keen on: the cover (feel and lack of imagination), the silly ribbon and the ivory coloured paper. These are common complaints (of mine) about other brands. It’s nit-picking really (apart from the ivory coloured paper). A notebook is meant for writing in. Rhodia Webnotebooks make writing with fountain pens an absolute pleasure.

Rhodia Webnotebook handwritten review

Rhodia Webnotebook ink tests front

Rhodia Webnotebook ink tests back