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Studio Tartuensis Classic Notebook Review and Giveaway

21 March 2018 By ian

Studio Tartuensis are, in their own words, A museum and studio for letterpress and intaglio techniques, a hotbed of new ideas for old crafts, a center for print-related education, research and art. They’re based in Estonia and they have a cat called Johannes Gutenberg. If you’re not already falling for them, you have no soul. […]

Paper-Oh Notebooks Review

27 July 2016 By ian

I first discovered Paper-Oh notebooks when a couple were included in a Spotlight Stationery box that I received via their sponsorship of Pens! Paper! Pencils! I liked them a lot and so bought three more. Size: A5 (also available in A7, A6 and A4) Price: £6 Pages: 112 Cover: hard card with a dot pattern […]

Hundred Million Hard Work Notebook Review

29 October 2015 By ian

There’s no doubt about it: Hundred Million’s Hard Work Notebook is an unusual fellow. Born of a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2014, the notebook is available direct from Hundred Million’s website and has many unusual features. I bought this notebook with my own hard-earned cash but Hundred Million are very kindly offering a a […]

Leuchtturm1917 Whitelines Notebook Review

4 June 2015 By ian

The Leuchtturm1917 Whitelines notebook is a hardbacked A5 sized notebook with 250 pages. It costs about £11 in the UK and about $20 in the USA. I was sent this notebook by a new UK based company called StudioAlt. StudioAlt aim to bring analogue tools to the digital world and the Whitelines notebook couldn’t be […]

Rhodia Webnotebook (A5, lined) notebook review

6 March 2014 By ian

Rhodia paper (made by Clairefontaine, if we’re being particular) is the paper by which I judge all others. It is lovely to use with fountain pens. It’s very hard to get pens to bleed or feather or even show through. Inks shine. It’s the paper that makes the Rhodia Webnotebook wonderful. Webnotebooks (silly name), also […]