Private Reserve Spearmint Ink Review

Private Reserve Spearmint review

Private Reserve Spearmint is a very saturated ink with some nice shading and good dry times (although not everyone has found this to be so). It’s a gorgeous shade of green.

Here I am doodling the Inkling.

You can find some more reviews of Private Reserve Spearmint on Pennaquod.

Private Reserve Spearmint Inkling


  1. Nice green, but I got turned off by PR inks after using Sherwood Green. It would smear months after writing! It also would also get all dark & even a little tacky in the feed, which would make it smear even more. For a while if I rinsed the feed quickly with water before using it, it would be ok, but that’s too much work, especially on the go. I may have to experiment with diluting it a bit if I use it again.

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