Paper Republic Grand Voyageur Notebook Giveaway

Paper Republic Grand Voyageur ribbon

A little while ago I reviewed the fantastic Grand Voyageur from Paper Republic. This is a beautiful notebook system, consisting of a gorgeous leather cover and standard Field Notes/Calepino sized inserts.

Paper Republic Grand Voyageur handwritten review

Thanks to the generosity of Paper Republic, I’m very excited to be able to give one of these away, together with two refills, to one lucky winner.

As usual, please leave a comment on this post, right here, thanking someone you know personally. You may enter only once and the giveaway will close at 9am GMT on Sunday 25th October. I’ll use to pick one comment and announce it here on the site. The winner will then have one week to get in touch (or I will pick another winner).

Paper Republic Grand Voyageur in the hammock

Good luck and thank you once again to Paper Republic for donating this fantastic prize!


  1. So lovely.

    My thanks would go to my fiancée who is so supportive of everything I do and tries to help me in any way that we can.

  2. Thank you to Tom Rank my old English teacher who introduced me to Cider with Rosie and urged us all to record what we saw. This will do the job nicely thank you

  3. How I wish to win this one!
    I thank a very special friend, Tony, for sharing with me how he feel sometimes, giving me the idea that I’m not so strange, afterall 😉

  4. Cool!

    I’d thank my family, for always being there, even when I had to move 2000 miles.

  5. I would like to thank my Golden Retriever, Cooper, for making me laugh every day – no matter how bad of a mood I’m in.

  6. Thanks to my fiancé, who has been there for me during these rough couple months and continuing to support me and my new fountain pen blog and addiction!

  7. Thanks to my wife for putting up with my beer brewing hobby (sorry about the mess last night. Didn’t figure it would blow up…).

  8. I’d like to thank my girlfriend for all of her support and understanding through what has been a very challenging few months for me. I couldn’t do it without her. Oh, and the Conklin she got me for my birthday was a nice touch as well 🙂

  9. I’d like to thank my physiotherapist/ pilates teacher for improving my back pain no end – and introducing me to George Ezra!!

  10. Thank you to my dear friend Bryony who took time out of a party to help me with the dishes. Maybe it sounds like a small thing, but was a huge help for me, with my chronic illness.

  11. Thank you to Quizzie my favorite “Weenie-Cha-Cha” for putting up with me when I’m not in the best of moods.

  12. Such a beautiful notebook!

    I would like to thank my kids for making me smile each day, no matter how hard it has been.

  13. Thank you to Ann, my sister and best friend, who was always there for me for over fifty years. Sadly, she passed away this past July and I miss her dearly.

  14. Thanks to my best friend Melissa for her time, love, support and endless laughter at random silly things. It’s such a joy to know you.

    Thank you Ian for the giveaway!

  15. I want to thank my girlfriend – the mother of our beautiful child and supporter of my analog tool addiction!

  16. Thank you to my one and only Gabriel, who has been with me for many many years. It’s wonderful to see how well we fit with each other!

  17. I thank my brother and sister for keeping us all so well connected and supportive of each other.

  18. I’d like to thank my friend, Iel, for showing me that spending a night laughing with friends is one of the best moments in my life right now. And looking forward to another time like that makes work seem not so bad

  19. I thank my kids for not thinking I’m loony for having all these fountain pens, and notebooks, and ink, …. and even getting into the hobby themselves.

  20. Thank you to Maurice, my longstaff instructor, for another enjoyable evening of hard exercise relieved by his charm and humour.

  21. Thankful for my wife and children who make me smile every day. Each one of them is a tremendous blessing to me.

  22. Thank you to Ian for the giveaway! (Does it count even though I don’t know him personally?)

  23. Many thanks to my son Andrew for being so unstintingly supportive and helpful. And thanks to you for a chance to win this notebook system.

  24. I want to thank my husband because he is so helpful with the new baby, even when I am so tired and so stressed out and probably not very nice to him!

  25. Thank you to my old friend with whom I share passion for the same music and stationary.
    …and also big thanks to You for organising this giveaway

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